Automatic seatbelt releaser

How does it works an automatic seatbelt releaser?
At the moment the Escape Belt comes in contact with water, it will release your seatbelt. Ideal tool for you and your passenger. No more worries about loosing in the water your belt. Both situations car accidents in water as when there is a flood.

Together with the inventors Stam and van den Berg, Fijen TMLS designed, developed and produced a perfect  working Escape Belt. Meanwhile the Escape Belt last 6 months is also tested under several stress conditions with 100% reliability. An accident with liquid will NOT activate the Escape Belt.

The cartridge we used for the activation of the Escape Belt comes from the flotation industry (life vest) and is a proven product. The cartridge will need to be replaced after 2 years to ensure continued operation.

The Escape Belt you can fix nearly on all buckles in a few simple steps. The packaging contains also a tool for assembly and on the packaging you can see by graphics and text a simple installation instruction.



The Escape Belt can be assembled on all seatbelt releasers in just a few simple steps.

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