Safety light

The Escape Light can be used to support during the use of cones or in some cases replacement of the cones.

With 8 choices in light patterns you can choose the most suitable one. Via a button control, set the Escape Light on / off and make the choice of the light pattern. By pressuring 2 seconds the Escape Light switches off and will be starting again in the last choosen light patern.

The visibility is enormous and is 800 meters on the road to 1500 meters at the water / air.
The Escape Light is waterproof, floating can be secured with a pin or cable through the eye.

Also, the Escape Light have a magnet, this does make it easy fastening, on parts of metal. The Escape Light is pressure proof a truck can easily drive over.

In 6 colors LED light is the Escape available, white, blue, green, orange,red and infra red. The outer shells are in the colors white, blue, green, yellow, orange and military green available.

We deliver the Escape Light in a case of six with charging 12/24/240 volts. In a bag with 6 pieces or 1 piece in a box with a charger.