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Multifunctional Safety Tourch


The main functionalities of the Escape Hammer are:

  • A hammer to break windows
  • Beltcutter to cut your safety belt
  • Flashlight and separate worklamp
  • Warning light, through red flashing light
  • With magnet, to place on the roof of the car
  • Waterproof

The Escape Hammer obviously offers more features comparedto other types of security hammers such as Life Hammer or Rescue Me.

Fijen TMLS BV is the exclusive importer of the original patent of the Escape Hammer. Watch out for fake!

More on the Escape Hammer

Escape Hammer is extensively tested by TÜV Rheinland and therefore a valuable addition to your vehicle for your own safety!

FIREDEPARTMENT The Dutch Fire Department Druten has tested the Escape Hammer and it proofs that is break the window glass and cut the seatbelt.
escape hammer Chosen Product of the Year® 2010
Escape Hammer is become product of the year 2010 in the category Car & Safety selected by 10.000 Dutch consumers.
Escape Hammer ®
"Multifunctional Safety Tourch"
escape hammer
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