Fijen TMLE BV is a company whose goal is to make driver information and road conditions more visible. We do that in a sustainable manner by road surface reflectors and lighting that require as little maintenance as possible. We have more than 10 years’ experience in this sector both at home and abroad. With improved driver information we want to ensure that fewer single vehicle accidents occur. Our experience extends to both small and large projects. Internationally, we are working in more than 26 countries. We work with local partners with whom we carry out installation work if required.


We have our own installation teams, Fijen TMLE BV´s technicians install the products themselves, to very high finishing standards. We do not leave site until the customer is satisfied and everything is neat, tidy and clean.

Corporate Social Responsibility has a high priority within our organization. Any waste (e.g. drill cores) created by the installation process is transported to an authorized company, for processing and disposal. For large projects, we use our fully automatic drill, improving the technical working conditions for our employees and shortening the installation time. Our glue machine is designed to provide the correct amount of adhesive with little or no wastage.

We can offer special maintenance contracts with 5 or 15 years of ‘fire insurance’ for our products. Within this contract we accept responsibility for design, installation and maintenance.


In our production departments we distinguish between technical production and final assembly. Technical production takes place at our own production facility . Here, we make, amongst other products, road surface reflectors and road surface lighting. Final assembly is undertaken by the Prisma Group who offer employment opportunities for people with mental or physical disabilities.

R & D department

Our research and development department constantly looks at ways of improving existing products. New products are considered in response to market trends and potential demands. Our moulds are made so that we can independently supervise new products. We look at the demands made by, for example the NSVV (independent knowledge centre for light and lighting) and ensure that we develop products that comply with these guidelines, specifically light output.


Fijen TMLE BV is recognised for its experience and expertise in this market sector and has been invited to participate in European working groups. We participate in the formulation and agreement of new standards. We aim to ensure that technical requirements are realistic and can meet the demands of a challenging commercial environment.

Products Fijen TMLE BV are: